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Frequently asked questions for stays

How do I find the cheapest stays?

  1. Enter your travel details such as destination, dates of travel, and number of guests.
  2. Sort the results by price to see the cheapest options first.
  3. Compare the prices from different booking services to ensure you are getting the best deal.

Do rooms get cheaper closer to departure?

It depends. Sometimes, yes, hotels and other accommodation providers may offer lower rates for rooms as the date of departure approaches in an attempt to fill empty rooms. This is often referred to as dynamic pricing or last-minute booking discounts.

However, the opposite can also be true, as demand for a limited number of rooms can increase as the date gets closer, leading to higher prices. It's always a good idea to compare prices on FoxiFlix at different times and to book early if you find a good rate.

Are pets allowed in stays? If so, is there a fee?

Depending on the hotel, motel, or other form of accommodation, pets may be allowed during stays. Some hotels have a pet-friendly policy and let visitors bring their animals for an extra price, while others have a no-pets policy and forbid visitors from bringing animals.

What are the check-in and check-out times for?

Accommodations often have different check-in and check-out times that might range from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM for check-in and 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM for check-out, depending on the property. The particular check-in and check-out timings for the hotel, motel, or other type of accommodation you're thinking about should be confirmed because they can differ substantially.

Is breakfast included in the room rate?

Depending on the hotel, motel, or other form of accommodation, breakfast may or may not be included in the room charge. In some hotels, breakfast is included in the room rate in other hotels, it is an extra cost or a perk of a more expensive room package.

Is there a gym or fitness center on site?

The availability of a gym or fitness center on site at a hotel, motel, or other type of accommodation can vary. Some hotels have a gym or fitness center on-site for guests to use, while others may offer access to a nearby gym or have partnerships with local gyms.

Is there a shuttle service to and from the airport?

In a hotel, motel, or other type of accommodations the accessibility of an airport shuttle service can differ. While some lodging establishments provide shuttle services free of charge to visitors, others may charge a fee or have agreements with regional shuttle companies.

Do you have accessible rooms for guests with disabilities?

In a hotel, motel, or other type of lodging, the availability of accessible rooms for visitors with disabilities can vary. While some hotels provide accessible rooms created expressly for visitors with impairments, others could have fewer features.

Is there a minimum age requirement for guests?

Depending on the hotel, motel, or other sort of accommodation, different visitors may have different age requirements. While some hotels may have an 18-year-old minimum age limit, others might accept visitors of all ages.

Is there parking available on site? If so, is there a fee?

The cost of parking and the availability of on-site parking at a hotel, motel, or other type of lodging can differ. Some hotels might have free on-site parking, but others might charge a fee or just have a few parking alternatives.

Do you have any rooms that allows smoking?

The availability of smoking rooms at a hotel, motel, or other type of accommodation can vary, as some accommodations may have designated smoking rooms, while others may be completely non-smoking.

Do you have any eco accommodations?

In a hotel, motel, or other sort of lodging, the availability of eco-friendly or environmentally sustainable lodging can vary. While some hotels may have strict environmental policies and procedures in place, others might only have sporadic or no environmental activities.